Pellet premium

PELLET – Premium pellet / industrial pellet

Pellet is a fuel material obtained by pressing timber wastes (such as: sawdust, shaving, wood chips) under a high pressure. It has the granular, cylinder-shaped form, with 6mm, in diameter and  the length that oscillates around a few centimeters. When it comes to the issue of packaging it is available in two forms: 15 kg bags and big bags. The pellet we are offering is produced from coniferous trees (spruce, pine) what considerably influences the high quality of fuel. The product has following certificates: EN PLUS A1, number PL 005, and DIN PLUS, nr 7a 291


We offer also industrial pellet with lower calorific value. It is useful for bigger stoves, or more tolerant residual heating stoves. Offered in 15 kg bags or 1 tonn Big-bags. Dimention 6 mm